Alexi Vol

The Iconianzed dude everyone loves!


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Synopsis backstory:

Born and raised on Saar II, a far-flung New Iconian planet, sparsely populated, with most of the population in the mining-excavation town, Saar (self-named). Became a skilled gun technician, fabricating high-quality weaponry for the people to defend themselves against local wildlife with. Became modestly wealthy until the megacorporations moved in, outcompeting his work. Became an alcoholic with an even worse attitude toward people; his health declined as he approached his 60s, despite the medical technology available. Made the decision for Iconianization , making a special request to keep his brain and blood intact with the process so he could continue drinking alcohol. Several years on, he became a much more violently-inclined person, and escaped to the Post looking for money to sustain himself and to avoid authorities who would try to diagnose his issues.

Later on, with Rosa’s help, he discovered why he was so violently inclined: the man who had Iconianized him was unqualified for the job and had screwed up a few things. She managed to get a hold of his blueprints and fixed him up, correcting the biological issues. Plus, she handed him some upgrades afterward.

The next RP is to write the next part…

Alexi Vol

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