Rota Infelicitas

It was chosen for him to be different. Now he tries to be the same.


Maxed a lot of skills. Mostly a mental skillhound. Has Jack of All Trades. Also, huge amounts of strength. Very defensive as well.

2DPL tradeoff. He has 17/17 defence (all perfect), 11/11 toughness (full); he also has 12/12 attack (melee/ranged), and 8/8 damage (melee/ranged).


Hasn’t said much.

Interesting quotes (can be added to with nomination):
(2010-09-17 20:33:00) RotaGM: “Take it. I don’t want him monitoring me.”
(2010-09-17 21:46:29) RotaGM: “Quiet metal man a secret iron-wizard?”
(2010-09-17 22:13:03) RotaGM: “I have to think like a person when I’m like this. And it’s hard to think about everyone at once with a mind like this.”

Physical: He’s a fair bit taller than an average person – around six feet tall. He’s extremely thin, but otherwise looks like a normal person. He has medium-long brown hair, tied back, and he’s wearing civilian clothing of a blue long-sleeved shirt and cotton trousers. His eyes are brown, and he’s fairly pale. He might be Irish – he shows signs of having been sunburnt to the point that he’s scarred lightly.

Rota Infelicitas

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