David Krushev

One of Alexi's few friends.



Solarian Shotgun “Post-Deliberation”: Lethal damage at short range. Solarian, so it’s extremely loud and in steampunk-style (steam gauge, wooden parts, etc.). Progressively loses power per shot unless it’s given time to “recharge”, but has a great initial power. Can shoot blanks in the form of steam.
Custom Revolver “Goliath”: Specially created by Alexi for David. Scoped and highly accurate, so it can dual as a mid-range sniper rifle. Relatively fast rate of fire. Does moderate damage. Shiny and silver with Alexi’s signature engraved at the butt of the gun.


Bulletproof armour. Grey, grunged, but faithful. Light enough to keep mobility, heavy enough to work.
Longcoat. Aesthetic. Tan.
Gas mask. Works as a gas mask. Doesn’t take it off in public.
Helmet. derp.


STR: Strong enough to operate his weaponry and function in melee.
DEX: Good enough to be a spy.
CON: Extremely composed.
INT: Surprisingly intellectual/educated, but doesn’t usually show it.
WIS: Wiser than Alexi, to say the least.
CHA: Average.


iunno lol



Gender: Male
Weight (w/ equipment): 180 lbs.
Height: 6ft 4in
Age: 70


Introverted/Extroverted: In between. Will not readily approach people, but is comfortable with talking, albeit slightly muffled.
Sensing/Intuition: Prefers order and concrete facts rather than his own feelings. At the same time, however, is very empathetic.
Thinking/Feeling: Absolute thinker. Doesn’t typically mix in emotion into his decisions.
Judgement/Perception: Judges situations with prior knowledge instead of by intuition.
Motivations: Wanderer. Prefers to be free from authority. Not terribly concerned about money.

Notable Relations:

Alexi – One of Alexi’s few trusted friends. (if not the only)
Haven (city) in Saar, NI (planet, system) – Respected by the community.
Standard Operations (NI’s CIA) – Free Operative (Iconia). Took orders from Command, didn’t take much intelligence himself, but executed orders. Tasks typically involved secret escorts to property destruction.
New Iconia 3 – NI’s capital for militaristic operations, raised here.


Has an odd soft spot for snow globes, bottle caps, and old music.

David Krushev

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